"Break down hate; Build up love"

Don Shin is a 17 year old Christian Korean American singer, songwriter, actor, and model. Don began singing in the 8th grade after his violin broke. Don realized his passion for singing, music, and performance when he was a Sophomore. He starred in a musical and a play for Cherry Creek High School. Don began to take private voice lessons with Stuart Whitmore and was recommended to perform at Big Talent Showcase where he was discovered by Tami Knapp Smith. He went on to record 6 songs and a music video. Don is a highly spirited person always filled with energy. He is very passionate and is constantly working to bring his A+ game. His mission is to show people that we are all people. Unique and special in our own way, but still humans. His mission is to deliberately build up those around him; help them live life with the power of music, laughter, and love.

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